3 Body Wraps To Help You Look And Feel Better

If you are like many people in the United States, aging gracefully is very important to you and if possible, you would never look any older than you do today. Fortunately, there are many different beauty treatments you can access at a spa that will help you meet both of those goals.

A Detox Body Wrap

When you feel bloated, uncomfortable or have noticed blocked pores recently, a body wrap could be exactly what you need. Prior to the application of  the wrap, you should expect to undergo a full body scrub, which is often made of natural ingredients, and then wash it off. A common reason for the scrub is that it opens your pores, which allows the wrap to work better.

The actual body wrap to detox your skin may include clay or mud products. Although some people believe they purify your kidneys or liver, there is no scientific research to back that up. Instead, they are used to detoxify your skin, removing toxins, pollution and other unwanted products that can age your skin and detract from your appearance.

The constraints of the wrap force your skin to become purified and you will also note that a body wrap is often only one aspect of a new beauty regimen. 

A Slimming Body Wrap

When you are clean, a lotion or cream made of honey, clay, butter or similar ingredients will be applied to your entire body, avoiding orifices and then you will be wrapped in both plastic blankets and clean towels. In addition, the bed you will be on may have an electric blanket to provide extra warmth, and finally, you will be covered by a thin sheet to keep you warm.

It is common to use the wrap for half an hour, although if you get them repeatedly, you may be able to use them for longer periods of time. When it is finished and you are cleaned off, you may notice that you look thinner. The appearance of weight loss usually happens because of the loss of water weight, but if you need to drop a size for a day or two, a body wrap is ideal. 

A Skin Smoothing Body Wrap 

Regardless of why you get a wrap, the process remains the same. However, the ingredients used in the wrap will differ, based on the purpose for the wrap.  

For instance, honey, coconut oil and sunflower oils provide extra moisture. As a result, when they are applied directly to your skin and are then left to warm within the blankets, your skin will be smoother when the wrap comes off. 

When your time in the wrap is over, you will usually be asked to shower again and you will probably feel very relaxed.

Finally, it is important to follow through with on-going beauty treatments to maximize the benefits from your body wrap. Regardless of the type of wrap you choose, it is best to put yourself in the hands of experts, as their knowledge will usually provide better results over time.