Trying To Save Money? 3 Common Problems With Home Highlight Jobs

Hair color at a salon is expensive, and the longer your hair is, the more expensive it gets. A box of color at the department store is dirt cheap, but is it worth it? Is it really the bargain you're looking for? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The results you'll get from boxed color, especially a highlighting kit, varies widely. You may end up with one of many undesirable results that you'll want fixed right away. Read More 

Wigs, Wiglets, And Weaves: Understanding Their Defining Differences

If you walk into a salon looking for a solution for your thinning hair or total hair loss, you will find you have two sets of options. One, use special shampoos and serums and hope your hair and scalp recover. Two, use hair pieces to make the hair you have look fuller and cover bald spots. Most people who want immediate results and a quick solution opt for the latter. If you opt to add real or artificial hair to your own, you can choose wigs, wiglets, or weaves. Read More 

The Traits To Look For When Searching For The Best Beauty School

Beauty school, barber, and cosmetology schools have plenty of campuses across the country and even some major universities and colleges have programs. While there are many schools you might think to apply to, it's best to look for certain traits the school should have before applying. Take a look at these traits the school you choose should have. Prepares You to Pass Cosmetology Exams The best schools tend to focus their efforts on making sure you are prepared to pass all of your cosmetology exams. Read More 

Easy Fixes To Common Concerns About Those Gorgeous Gel Nails

If you're sick of losing an acrylic nail three days after having your nails done or are too busy to spend time with a nail technician each week, the appeal of the gel nail and the two weeks of use it is known for is obvious. However, there have been some concerns about the use of gel nails that may lead you to re-think this easy and affordable option. Fortunately, there are easy fixes to the concerns that have been popping up recently, so you can continue to enjoy showing off those lovely gel nails    . Read More 

Three Ways To Make Your Hair Extensions Look Natural

Hair extensions are an excellent beauty enhancement. However, this is only the case when they look natural. Having a stranger be able to look at your hair and tell that you have extensions is not the goal. Fortunately, you can avoid this mishap and make your extensions look like they are growing from your scalp. Choose The Right Texture Choose extensions that closely mimic your natural hair's texture. If there is a clear distinction between the texture of your hair and the extensions, this will be highly visible. Read More