Three Ways To Make Your Hair Extensions Look Natural

Hair extensions are an excellent beauty enhancement. However, this is only the case when they look natural. Having a stranger be able to look at your hair and tell that you have extensions is not the goal. Fortunately, you can avoid this mishap and make your extensions look like they are growing from your scalp.

Choose The Right Texture

Choose extensions that closely mimic your natural hair's texture. If there is a clear distinction between the texture of your hair and the extensions, this will be highly visible. For instance, for fine, straight hair, you want to choose an extension that resembles this pattern and for course hair, you want to do the same.

Some people choose any type of extension and then simply try to manipulate the texture of their hair, such as by flat ironing it. However, this will only work in the short-term; once your efforts start to wear away and your natural texture shines through, the differences will be evident. Keep texture in mind when it comes to the thickness of the extensions as well.

Know The Difference Between Synthetic And Human Hair

Hair extensions primarily come in two categories, human and synthetic. Human hair is natural hair that has been sewn onto a weft. Synthetic extensions are man-made strands that have a silicone coating over them that makes them shine and look similar to plastic.

The ideal option is to choose human-hair extensions. In addition to being real hair, extensions made in this fashion have strands that are sewn into the weft in the same direction in an effort to mimic natural hair growth from the cuticle, making them easier to blend with your hair, resulting in a more natural look.

Keep Your Hair Clean

When wearing extensions, keep your natural hair as clean as possible. The best way to achieve this is to shampoo your hair regularly to limit any excessive product buildup. Particularly when hair is loaded with heavy, oil-based products, the strands of your hair can separate and look somewhat stringy.

Hair in this condition won't blend well with the extensions and will likely just rest on top of them, which won't look good. When wearing your extensions, limit the amount of products you put into your hair.

Making your hair extensions look natural is possible, but it will take time and patience. Get the most out of your extensions by taking your time. For more information on hair extensions, contact a hair salon such as Adevia SpaSalon.