Wigs, Wiglets, And Weaves: Understanding Their Defining Differences

If you walk into a salon looking for a solution for your thinning hair or total hair loss, you will find you have two sets of options. One, use special shampoos and serums and hope your hair and scalp recover. Two, use hair pieces to make the hair you have look fuller and cover bald spots. Most people who want immediate results and a quick solution opt for the latter. If you opt to add real or artificial hair to your own, you can choose wigs, wiglets, or weaves. These three hair products have defining differences that provide their own unique benefits.


Wigs typically cover your entire head. You have to use a wig cap to cover and flatten your natural hair and to help the wig stay in place. Wigs can have any color of hair, any length, and any style.

The benefits of wigs are:

  • You can change your hair style and hair color as often as you change your clothes.
  • You can wear real hair wigs if you do not like the way faux hair wigs feel or look.
  • Wigs can cover your head when you are missing a lot of hair or have lost all your hair to chemotherapy or thyroid diseases.


Wiglets are the perfect solution for anyone that has balding from the crown of the head to the ears. Wiglets are not full wigs, but they can cover balding on the top of your head and fill out the thinning areas just below the large bald spots. You can also use wigs to make fine hair look fuller and thicker. Wiglets are either straight "hair" or very curly "hair," although you can now buy wiglets that incorporate ponytail hairstyles too.


Weaves, or extensions as they are more commonly called, are strands of hair that are woven or sewn into your own hair. They require that you have enough of your own hair into which the weaves/extensions can be woven/sewn. The benefits of using weaves is that your hair quickly becomes fuller, your unusual patterned baldness is covered, and you can wash, wear and style the weave pieces any way you want. Additionally, you can choose several different hair lengths, completely natural hair, weave pieces that match or can be died to match your natural hair color and the weave pieces can be removed either by growing your hair out or by cutting out the weave pieces.

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