Salon Add-On Services: 4 Benefits Of A Deep Hair Conditioning Treatment

If you always say no to salon add-on services, such as a deep hair conditioning treatment, you may want to think about changing your MO. Salon extras are more than just a great way for your stylist to make extra money, since they provide real benefits to you. What's more, the benefits are instantaneous and undeniable. Once you indulge and reap the rewards, you will never leave the salon again without springing for an extra, feel good, service. Following are four benefits of a deep hair conditioning treatment. 

Improves the Condition of Your Hair

Obviously a deep conditioning treatment improves the condition of your hair, but that doesn't mean it merely makes it softer and easier to manage. A conditioning treatment provides lots of benefits, including preventing future damage, alleviating dry hair, increasing hair elasticity, and adding shine. What's more, these benefits compound and increase the more often you get your hair conditioned. You will see the most benefit by getting your hair conditioned each week. 

Helps Get You Ready for More Services

If you want to color your hair, but it is too damaged, you can strengthen your hair with a conditioning treatment to get it ready for color. Deep conditioning treatments that contain protein and fillers often work best for meeting this goal. They will stop breakage, improve elasticity, and prevent fading after you get your color done. Keep in mind, however, that it will take several treatments performed over a period of weeks to get you to the point where you can color your hair safely. 

Alleviates Bothersome Scalp Conditions

Deep conditioning treatments help more than just your hair; they help your scalp as well. If you have dry scalp, flakes, itchy patches, or eczema, you could benefit from a conditioning treatment. You see, there isn't much difference between your skin and hair when it comes to products. If a conditioner helps your hair, it will also help your skin. 

Relieves Your Pent Up Stress

All professional deep conditioning treatments come with a scalp and shoulder massage, which can help you get rid of pent up stress. If you carry a lot of tension in your neck and shoulders, you will benefit greatly from this service. Sitting under the dryer is also very therapeutic and relaxing. 

There are several benefits associated with a deep hair conditioning treatment. The next time your stylist offers to give you one, say "yes." You will be happy you did.