Reasons To Have A Spa Facial On Your Lunch Break Or During An Afternoon Of Pampering

If you're looking for a way to relax and pamper yourself, then you may want to spend the afternoon at a spa while you get a massage and facial. While relaxation is one benefit, a facial can actually help with some skin issues you may be having. A spa usually offers different types of facials so you can find one that gives you the results you want and that is good for your skin type. Here are some benefits you might enjoy from your treatment.

Help With Acne Breakouts

The first thing the spa will do is determine the type of skin you have so the products used won't irritate acne and make your breakout worse. Acne treatments might include deep cleansing of your face using steam that can open up your pores so blackheads can be removed. The esthetician might even use a tool that extracts the material from acne to clear out the dead cells and other matter. An LED light is sometimes used to treat acne. This involves letting the light shine on your skin for several minutes. Blue light can reduce the bacteria on your skin that's responsible for acne breakouts. You might also be given treatments that reduce inflammation around pimples so your face isn't as red and swollen.

Make Your Skin Look Brighter

If your skin has a buildup of dry skin cells on the surface, you may have a dull and uneven skin color. Facials that use enzymes or exfoliants remove the surface layer of dead cells so your fresh, glowing skin is more visible. This makes your complexion look brighter and your skin tone more even. You'll notice a difference in your appearance right away, so if you like the look, you may want regular spa treatments to maintain it.

Hydrate Your Skin

If you have dry skin, then hydration could be your biggest concern. Your treatment might consist of light steaming to open pores and then the application of hydrating cream. Your face might be massaged at the same time to work in the cream and to provide a relaxing experience. This treatment can add moisture to your skin and lock it in so your skin has a dewy and healthy appearance.

Reduce The Appearance Of Wrinkles

Some facials may help with fine wrinkles by plumping up your skin or exfoliating the surface. Some spas formulate their own anti-aging products for use with facials to reduce wrinkles. You might go through several steps of cleaning, moisturizing, massaging, and applying creams with certain vitamins, herbs, and other ingredients that improve the appearance of your skin.

Different spas provide different services and types of facials, so have a goal in mind when you visit. Even if you just want a facial so you can be pampered for the afternoon or on your lunch hour, you'll probably enjoy the experience and like the way your skin looks healthier afterward.