3 Tips To Blend Extensions With Thin Hair

Women with thin hair may have trouble using extensions to gain length or volume. Clip-in extensions are one of the more affordable options, but they have a fairly large weft that must be hidden in with the natural hair to create a cohesive look. If you think that your thin hair just won't camouflage clip-in extension wefts, think again. All you have to do is take the right approach to blending your extensions, and you can have the luscious locks you desire.

1. Keep Wefts Low

When your hair is on the thinner side, you should limit how high you place your clip-in extensions if you want them to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. The hair near the crown of the head tends to be more sparse for ladies with thin hair. This means that extension wefts will be more visible when they are placed above the ears. Keep wefts low to create length and fullness at the bottom of your hair, and tease the crown of your head to create volume instead.

2. Tease For Grip

Extension wefts that shift and move throughout the day are easier to spot in thin hair. A good way to ensure that your clip-in extension wefts don't shift and move is to tease your natural hair before you add in each extension weft. Teasing creates a solid foundation for the weft. The clip on the extension weft will be able to get a good grip on the hair close to your scalp when it is teased. Thin hair can be slippery, so wefts may have a tendency to slide down the hair shaft if you don't take the time to tease your natural hair to create better grip.

3. Use Wefts Selectively

Just because you receive a certain number of wefts in your extension package doesn't mean that you need to use all of the wefts at one time. In fact, using fewer wefts when you have thin hair will create a more cohesive and natural look. You want to selectively place wefts in areas where they will create the most length and volume.

Since your natural hair is on the thin side, fewer wefts will be needed to give your natural hair the boost you are looking for. Using too many wefts will not only make it more likely that the wefts will be visible, it could create a look that is too bottom heavy to blend properly.

For more information on hair extensions, contact a local salon.