FAQs About Gynecomastia Surgery

If you're struggling with gynecomastia, then you might want to consider surgery to remove your excess breast tissue. Undergoing surgery may sound extreme at first, but this is a fairly common and well-established procedure. Once you are healed, you will have the chest you've dreamed of having, which will allow your confidence to soar. If you think you may want to have gynecomastia surgery, the first step is to schedule a consultation with a surgeon. You should also review the questions and answers below.

What actually happens during the surgery?

Most gynecomastia surgeries involve three steps. The first is liposuction, which the doctor will use to suction extra fatty tissue out of the breast. The second step is the surgical gynecomastia removal of your extra glandular breast tissue. This is done through an incision along the bottom of your areola, where the scar won't be too obvious. The third step is the removal of any excess skin from your breast area. Some people do not need this third step, depending on the size of their breasts.

What is the recovery like?

You'll need to stay in bed and rest for a few days after your gynecomastia surgery. There will generally be drains in your incisions. These collect fluids secreted by the internal tissues and shuttle them away from your body. After a few days, you'll return to the doctor to have these drains removed. You'll be able to resume most light physical activities after a week or so, although it will be a few weeks before you can resume more moderate exercise.

All in all, recovery involves some pain, but it is not unbearable. Your doctor will give you pain relievers to take for a few days, which should be as long as you need them.

Will your breasts grow back after surgery?

The glandular tissue and skin that are removed in gynecomastia surgery will not grow back. However, if you gain weight after surgery, you may build fat in this area again. The best way to ensure your gynecomastia does not return is therefore to maintain a healthy weight. Your doctor can refer you to a personal trainer or dietitian to help with this, if needed.

Gynecomastia surgery is a great solution for men who want to get rid of extra breast tissue. The results come quickly, and they are permanent as long as you can avoid post-surgery weight gain.