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Shedding Pounds With Spa Weight Loss Services

Losing weight is always a challenge, whether your goal is to drop just a few pounds or if you're working to bring yourself down to a healthier, slimmer level. If you've struggled with weight loss in the past, you know there are a nearly endless array of fad diets and supplements alongside the traditional advice of eating healthier and exercising more. One slightly less traditional option that has nevertheless been around for years is the resort spa weight loss program. Read More 

4 Occasions When You Should Have Your Hair Professionally Blown Out

If you're like most people, you love the way your hair looks after you've blown it dry -- most of the time. You're probably also familiar with those occasions where your hair doesn't turn out as planned. Sometimes it's too frizzy; sometimes the overall shape is all wrong, and other times it's got too much volume and not enough bounce. However, blow drying your own hair is usually good enough for average days when you're not doing much besides going to work or school or weekends when you're hanging around with friends and family on a casual basis. Read More 

Salon Add-On Services: 4 Benefits Of A Deep Hair Conditioning Treatment

If you always say no to salon add-on services, such as a deep hair conditioning treatment, you may want to think about changing your MO. Salon extras are more than just a great way for your stylist to make extra money, since they provide real benefits to you. What's more, the benefits are instantaneous and undeniable. Once you indulge and reap the rewards, you will never leave the salon again without springing for an extra, feel good, service. Read More 

Trying To Save Money? 3 Common Problems With Home Highlight Jobs

Hair color at a salon is expensive, and the longer your hair is, the more expensive it gets. A box of color at the department store is dirt cheap, but is it worth it? Is it really the bargain you're looking for? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The results you'll get from boxed color, especially a highlighting kit, varies widely. You may end up with one of many undesirable results that you'll want fixed right away. Read More 

Wigs, Wiglets, And Weaves: Understanding Their Defining Differences

If you walk into a salon looking for a solution for your thinning hair or total hair loss, you will find you have two sets of options. One, use special shampoos and serums and hope your hair and scalp recover. Two, use hair pieces to make the hair you have look fuller and cover bald spots. Most people who want immediate results and a quick solution opt for the latter. If you opt to add real or artificial hair to your own, you can choose wigs, wiglets, or weaves. Read More